Solutions for Big Problems

Modern computing has been built on a hodgepodge of unreliable systems that were never designed to be secure or even correct.  As a result, unsurprisingly, security and correctness have been unattainable. By revisiting the foundations of networking, operating systems and computer languages, we can build a holistic privacy assured solution that is unlike anything that has ever been seen before.  

Here are some of our most important ideas:

We reject The Cloud and introduce The Dew as a replacement. Small IoT devices have the potential for widely-distributed computation and storage. When interconnected, they form local resources rather than a distant, unreliable cloud.

We reject nearly all of the pervasive “internet” infrastructure as being unsecurable and unreliable, replacing it with peer-to-peer mesh networking across neighborhoods, and cross connected using our own encrypted datagram technologies.

We reject current hardware as being fundamentally insecure, and choose newly available root-of-trust cryptography capable chips such as those powering the unhacked Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers, and similar. These chips “self-identify” and can be taught to always-phone-home.

We reject current common software paradigms of multi-user operating system, objects, databases, and filesystems in favor of log-structured actor based programming environments.  Actors can inter-operably host imperative languages like JavaScript, Java, Python etc. as well as functional languages (we assert) such as ML and Haskell.  Logic programming – Planner to Prolog should also be in scope.

We reject the notion that there can be no effective privacy in the digital world by inventing a new form of privacy, what we call assured privacy, with an authorized and tracked side-door access provision.

We reject passwords in favor of multi-factor biometrics including AI face, body, pace etc. recognition and tracking to create a privacy-assured identity.