We believe in trust and personal integrity.

No person is inherently better than any other. Variations in intelligence across many different domains exist, variations in ambition accomplishment as well. Yet, none of us chose our parents.


Collaboration is a better mechanism than competition for resource allocation and distribution. Through advances in computer software primarily we intend to “level the playing field” by providing perfect software, reliably executed, for the people and by the people.

The essence of technology is people and communication.

We are all types of people: developers, engineers, activists, scientists – and we’re here to work towards positive change.

You have the power to influence the world. Come collaborate with us.


Join Our Team

We’re looking for the following:
Generalist C Programmer. For the most part, even our C code is garbage collected, so it’s a very unique environment.
Application developers/scripters
Systems programmers
Networking/Language/Hardware engineers
Experiences we would find interesting:
Networking. We use a clean room coded peer-to-peer Layer 2 B.A.T.M.A.N. to turn Wi-Fi into an extended multi-drip mesh. We expect to eventually be able to revise network protocols on the fly. We write to the hardware, eschewing existing, flawed, unfixable network protocols.
Garbage collection. We use a hybrid reference counted and cycle detection scheme at the moment. It runs in a deployment environment of .5Mib. On multi-core systems we expect to be able to, again, swap in various GC algorithms.
Hardware. New lockless queuing data structures allow us to directly schedule work from interrupt drivers. We will likely either be, or be scheduled by, a hypervisor. GPIO, SPI, EFUSE etc. need more work.
Cryptography. Unhackable implies a broad authorization infrastructure with lots of policy choices. We need a cryptography toolset to offer smorgasbords, including quantum-resistant, algorithms.
Functional programming. Our data layer is functional, so prior experience is a plus – learn what comes after Objects and >>=. Provide the coding to make these interoperate cleanly.
Please email us at with your application or questions.