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Planet Earth Society is Privacy by Design

The Planet Earth Society, Inc. is a social purpose software company building an unhackable social network for good. Our first mission is to build computer systems that re-invent privacy such that you have complete digital rights over the content you create, share, or just participate in. Individuals can trust that data about them will be stored, shared, and used in ways that are agreeable with their interests but with respect to the circumstances in which it was collected.

Trust is the most essential building block of a sustainable digital world. Planet Earth Society is an emerging collaboration that creates trust among computers, which requires a new class of computer chips and a new formulation of software enabling predictable and measurable computation. This will ultimately encourage the sharing of data for socially and economically beneficial uses without risk.

As a programming platform, we provide opportunities for coders to build Internet of Things software using our own actor language and runtime. Coders are provided with perpetual digital rights to their work.

We are all types of people-technology developers, activists, change agents, scientists-we are human beings working towards positive change. We believe that the essence of technology is about people and communication.

Innovation is imagination.

You have the power to influence the world – come collaborate with us. 

Come join us to rebuild the Planet.